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Unlock every employee’s full potential with agile feedback

Discover ideas that drive your organization forward. Loop Now is the cloud solution for continuous, automated employee feedback.

Unlock every employee’s full potential with agile feedback

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Flexible employee surveys in real-time



About engament, strategy, events...



Ask anyone about anyone



Ask team-members about their managers



Ask managers about their team-members



About departments, projects, regions...

Real insights.<br />
In real-time.


Real insights.
In real-time.

Loop Now's intelligent analytics feature delivers the insights you need to drive your organization forward. With continuous employee feedback you can easily analyze the development of KPIs over time, derive an action plan and monitor effectiveness.

Increase employee engagement

Real-time feedback

Increase employee engagement

Increase employee engagement with continuous surveys on topics such as corporate culture, employee satisfaction and leadership style. Capture innovation ideas from all employees and retain top talents.

Get started with a proven library of questions

Profound expertise

Get started with a proven library of questions

With our solution comes a science-based catalogue of questions covering survey topics such as onboarding, leadership style and employee satisfaction. Or you create your own library, tailored to your organization. The choice is yours.

Employee feedback pays off

Retain Top Talents

Increased employee engagement ensures greater employee satisfaction, reduces employee turnover and attracts new talent.

Increase Productivity

Engaged employees also mean less absence, higher productivity and higher ROI.

Maximize Innovation Power

Promote your talents and unlock the full potential of all employees. Include open questions to support a culture of innovation.

Make development agile

Give all employees a voice and the opportunity to take their personal development into their own hands.

More features

Real-time analytics

Dashboards for your business, peers and user characteristics to filter and understand your data.


Transparent or anonymous surveys?
You decide!


Loop Now supports over 30 languages.

Mobile friendly

Answer questions everywhere with just one click on your mobile phone.

Fully automated

Loop Now sends reminders and generates reports for you.

GDPR compilant

Loop Now complies with the strict EU General Data Protection Regulations.

Help everyone in your organization reach their full potential with Loop Now

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